deliver a killer set that’s Madison Square Garden worthy! 

If you’re salivating over the creativity of the latest Gaga tour, Radio Head show or something you saw Beyoncé do at the Grammy’s; those amazing performances were no accident. Mega stars who stay on top work hard to perfect their craft. In addition to their natural musical talent they retain musical directors, choreographers, stylists, hair and make-up to help them knock their performances out of the park. 

Most performances given by your favorite superstars are constructed, well thought out and diligently rehearsed. Super stars meticulously plan everything from sequence and arrangements to tempo, length, look, cover choices, stage positions, dance moves, the stories they tell and when they tell them. The reason why most people don’t realize that these shows are staged is because the more prepared and rehearsed an artist is the more natural and at ease their performance will appear to an audience. That’s not to say there isn't general spontaneity, mistakes, glitches or things that happen on the fly. There always is. That’s life on and off the stage. Part of being a great performer is striking the perfect balance between spontaneity and rehearsal and always knowing at any given moment how to turn lemons into lemonade.

Let Unleashed help your band with the same expertise, tips and advise we’ve given to greats like Alicia Keys, Prince, David Bowie, John Mayer and many more. Whether you plan to audition for Showtime at the Apollo, The Voice, American Idol, or plan to play a showcase for a record label; Unleashed can help you lift your performance to a professional standard. If you want to play in the majors you need to train like the majors.     
To get basic tips and feedback on live performance please send us your video. Video Consult (Up to two songs)  $99  

To work through your entire set in person including, arrangements, tempo, sequence or for major label showcase prep, please let us help you prepare for this great opportunity: Our goal is to work within your budget. Please call (212.367.7111) or email for a quote.
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