Meet An A&R - Are you ready for the majors?

Major label A&R consultant (Atlantic, IDJ, UMG) offers professional music business consults to song writers, musicians, producers and developing artists looking for success in the music business. While major labels refuse to accept unsolicited material (music that doesn’t come via a manager, lawyer, producer or agent) Unleashed accepts music directly from ALL artists at ANY stage of development. We offer no nonsense, major label style feedback and helpful suggestions based on a rounded assessment of an artists entire profile, including demo and/or performance. 

The purpose of this consult is for us to help you demystify and deconstruct the major label signing process. Consider this a virtual in-office label meeting minus the judgement and pressure. This is definitely not the typical mania of a standard staffed a&r meeting where a label will either pass on you or sign you right then and there so it feels like the entire fate of your career hangs in the balance of that one meeting. On the contrary, at Unleashed we recognize that art is a work in progress and that each person arrives at greatness in their own time. No matter where you are in the artistic process you can’t “blow” this meeting because it’s meant to be educational and helpful.

We have taken thousands of artist meetings, watched 100s of thousands of live shows and artist showcases and listened through millions of music demos. Signing and developing artists for a living has given us an insider’s perspective on what ingredients it takes (in addition to luck and timing) to make it to the majors. Our goal is to understand who you are as an artist, where you are in the process and what you see for yourself in the future. In that spirit, we will delve into your music, ask you lots of questions and make suggestions about what you should work on, what you should (and should not) present to a label (should the opportunity arise) and what qualities/milestones will excite the labels and separate you from the pack. We will tell you honestly, by label standards, what we would tell any artist who comes to our office looking for a deal.

While we’ve been fortunate to be a part of many great success stories more often than not we’ve seen heartbreaking (and some times avoidable) rejections. Make no mistake about it, getting signed to a major label is extremely difficult. The odds are stacked against you so it’s important that you completely understand the playing field and do as much as possible to be your very best so that you can turn the tables in your favor. 

If and when you are ready for the majors, we’re happy to discuss shopping you to a label or signing you to our in house production company if the fit is right.

Consult in person, Skype or by phone $99
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